About Us

We want better health for you and your loved ones.

We believe one way to improve overall health and wellness is by taking thoughtful, intentional steps with the introduction of CBD oils to a whole body health regimen. 

We started Natural Path Botanicals because we wanted Colorado-grown plants, we wanted to support local agriculture farming families, we wanted unadulterated CBD oil and we wanted it to be affordable.

Our goals for superior wellness products have been realized!

  • We support family-run farms in Colorado.
  • Our plants are nurtured, grown, cultivated, harvested, processed, tested and bottled right in Colorado.
  • Our CBD is the purest possible and sustainably-grown for safe, pure extractions.
  • Natural Path CBD is within reach. We are tired of the gouging from other CBD companies! They are ripping you off, and we won't stand for it!

Not only are we committed to producing the highest-quality CBD products, but we are truly devoted to the health and wellness of those who use our products and improving the environment in which we operate. That is why we not only make financial investments in our communities but we encourage our team members to volunteer on company time to improve our planet. Your natural path to wellness starts here.

Join us on the Natural Path.


Contact Us
(970) 329-5505
PO Box 1548 Hayden, CO