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Where to Buy CBD Oil

It comes as no surprise that buying CBD oil is a challenge. Major retailers like Target, for instance, are not yet selling CBD oil products in their brick and mortar stores or their online shops.

Where to Buy CBD Oil from Natural Path Botanicals. Made in the USA, Colorado-grown on sustainable family farms.

There is a lot of confusion about where to buy CBD oil since there is a massive lack of education when it comes to what CBD is and what it isn't. 

Yes, CBD oil comes from the hemp plant. No, CBD oil does not have the compounds that smoking weed has which makes you high. In other words: CBD oil and consuming it will not make you high.

Some retailers (like Amazon, for instance) are not comfortable selling CBD, but with a little change of language, they are happy to sell it. You will begin to notice CBD oil companies doing the same: simply swapping CBD oil for hemp oil. Voila!

Where to buy CBD oil aka Hemp oil

Like anything you purchase, you must do your reading to understand what you are buying. Especially important when it comes to anything you use on or in your body. 

At Natural Path, we are very transparent about the cost of our CBD oil products (often half of what competitors charge) and we are strict about the growing practices of our plants.

All Natural Path Botanicals CBD oils (both ingestible and topical) are extracted from plants grown on family farms in Colorado who engage in rigorous sustainability practices. 

For all intents and purposes, our products are organic (though not USDA certified organic...yet!). 

What to look for when buying CBD oil

Here is a quick cheat sheet for what to look for when you are discerning where to buy CBD oil and how to purchase:

  1. Buy CBD oil products that are Made in the USA. The farming practices are more regulated than in other countries and the products superior. If you can't visit the source farm, pass on the products.
  2. Buy CBD oil that is pure and clean from sustainable farming practices or organic farms. The purity of the CBD oil is key to its effectiveness.
  3. Buy CBD oil that charges a fair price for their products. Some companies have marked up CBD oils exorbitantly. They should not break your bank or be inaccessible to the average consumer.
  4. Buy CBD oil from a company you trust. Connect with companies on social and on their websites. Learn about the source and the people behind the company.

Discovering where to buy CBD oil is challenging. At Natural Path Botanicals, we offer fairly-priced CBD oil harvested from plants grown on family farms in Colorado. We're proudly made in the USA and we want to connect with you!

Buy pure, affordable CBD oil. 

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