Should You Apply or Consume More Than One CBD Product within the Same Day

Most of us have found a lot of success by taking hemp on a daily basis, so it would make sense that there are a lot of people who want to consider incorporating a second CBD product into their daily routine.  Naturally, however, some may worry about whether or not there is such a thing as “too much” cannabidiol.  That’s why we are here to offer some guidance, mainly whether or not it’s okay to use more than one CBD product within a day, and what you should know before incorporating a second hemp-based formula into your daily routine.

Should You Apply or Consume More Than One CBD Product within the Same Day

Is it Dangerous to Take Too Much CBD in One Day?

As of now, there is absolutely no reason to believe that taking more than one cannabidiol-based product within a day is dangerous.  The hemp plant is deemed nontoxic to the body, which means that there is not a risk of toxicity from taking double the amount that you normally do.  We know that the most common side effect reported from taking too high of a dose of CBD is grogginess which is temporary.  Of course, if you do experience grogginess after taking a large amount of hemp, you should avoid driving and operating heavy machinery, just to be on the safe side.

Why Would Someone Want to Take More Than One Product within 24 Hours?

If you’re avoiding adding a second hemp product to your routine because you are afraid that it can be dangerous, you can rest easy knowing that it is most likely completely fine to do so.  In fact, a lot of people take multiple CBD products a day for various reasons.  

Different Products Accomplish Different Things

There are all kinds of hemp formulas on the market, and many products that you’ll find can provide you with different kinds of experiences.  For instance, let’s say you’re dealing with both stress and sore muscles.  Taking an internal method, like a tincture, may be able to offer calming properties, while using a topical may be able to tackle the soreness due to its ability to absorb directly into the tissue that’s causing the pain.  

Similarly, some CBD products incorporate other ingredients, such as melatonin for sleep.  So, some people may want to take a basic hemp product in the morning, and a melatonin-enhanced hemp formula at nighttime.

Taking Multiple Products Can Prolong the CBD in the System

Different delivery methods have their own unique onset times and durations of effects.  Taking multiple products strategically may allow you to prolong the levels of hemp in the body throughout the day.  For example, vaping CBD allows the effects to be felt within minutes, but they wear off in an hour or two.  Edibles take an hour or two to take effect, and the effects can last for many hours.  Therefore, using a vape and taking an edible at the same time can allow you to feel cannabidiol in the body within minutes, while lasting throughout the duration of the day.

Some People Respond Better to Higher Daily Doses

Some people take two different products simply because they want to take higher doses of hemp each day.  For instance, taking a tincture in the morning and a gummy at night allows the body to receive more milligrams of cannabidiol within 24 hours, which is great for those who find that higher amounts of CBD help them reach their goals.

What Determines the Outcome?

Now that you know that you can take or apply more than one CBD product in a day, let’s talk about the factors that can determine how these multiple doses will affect you. 

Factor #1: Milligram Strength and Dosage of Each CBD Product

Not only does the dosage make a difference, but so does the milligram strength of each product.  It goes without saying that taking a half dose of, say a tincture and an edible is quite different from taking double the recommended dosage of each within the same day.

Factor #2: Length of Time Between Each Dose

For instance, vaping CBD in the morning, and eating a gummy in the evening will not give you any overlap between the two products, because the vape’s effects will have worn off long before you take your edible.  But, taking a tincture dose, which can offer effects for around 4 hours, and then immediately taking a couple hits of a vape allows you to feel the effects of both products at once.

Factor #3: Delivery Methods You Take

The delivery method of each product plays a major role in how your double-dosing will affect you.  We mentioned how and why each delivery method has an onset time and duration of effects.  It also has its own bioavailability, meaning that some delivery methods feel more potent in the body than others.  Vapes are the most potent, followed by sublingual products, with capsules and edibles being at the bottom of the list.  So, taking two very bioavailable methods together will produce stronger, faster-acting effects than taking two products with lower bioavailability.

Topicals, however, only affect the area onto which the product was applied, so using a topical along with an internal method won’t produce stronger effects mentally.  In other words, using a topical formula after taking an edible, vape, tincture or other internal method will not increase the risk of grogginess, because the effects of the topical stay localized to the area onto which you applied the product, affecting only the muscles, joints, and skin.

What to Know Before Adding Another CBD Product to Your Daily Routine

Before you do go ahead and bring another CBD product into your routine, it is always wise to go over it with your doctor beforehand.  Make sure that they are fully aware of what you are taking on a regular basis.  From there, they can provide a personalized guidance to managing a routine with CBD, and can consider any medications you may be taking, and whether or not they have the potential to interact with cannabidiol in a general sense.

Remember that everyone’s body is unique.  Some of us can take multiple doses of CBD in a day and feel next to nothing.  Others can feel sleepy after taking a single, standard dose.  Therefore, pay attention to how you feel after taking a second dose of hemp in the form of another product, and be mindful of the fact that your experience with CBD cannot be compared to someone else’s.

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