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How to Really "Budget" Those CBD Expectations

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound that just about everyone on the planet can find at least one use for.  CBD is natural, nontoxic, legal, and non-psychoactive.  Plus, it’s more widely available than ever before.  Even with all of these positives, a good number of people are still intimidated by it because of the price, and we appreciate that everyone has their own budget.  However, sadly, there are some people out there who are stopping themselves from experiencing the properties that this cannabinoid can provide because they feel that maintaining a daily routine is simply not possible due to their budget.  

Our goal is to prove that notion wrong. 

Is CBD Expensive?

Is CBD expensive?  Well, yes and no.  Expensive is a subjective term, but we recognize that a 30ml bottle of high-quality CBD oil will cost more than, say, a 30ml bottle of tea tree oil that you can find at the local grocery store.  And, there’s a good reason for that. To make a hemp extract using quality and safe methods, you need to go through a lot of raw hemp plant material or else the desired potency level will not be achieved to offer the full capability of the plant’s beneficial effects.  

Still, a lot of companies just charge way more than necessary for their CBD products, and this is unfortunate as it only serves the company who is trying to take advantage of naïve beginners that have little experience in the area. Luckily, there are plenty of reputable brands out there serving up top-shelf hemp without a ridiculous and unwarranted price tag.



Why is the “Cheapest” CBD Not Always the Best?

Before we get into specific budgeting tips, let’s make one thing clear: the cheapest CBD product that you find is not necessarily a steal.  There are so many ways in which a company can take shortcuts that sacrifice quality when producing a hemp formula, and usually CBD that’s priced way below market standards is cheap for a reason.  

  • Maybe the company used a poor extraction method that yields unstable compounds.
  • They could sneak a bunch of fillers into their formula that ruin the purity levels of the cannabidiol.

Regardless, you should only buy from reputable brands that engage in third-party testing to verify the quality, safety, and purity of their products.


Budgeting Tips for a Successful and Affordable CBD Routine

Ultimately, almost anyone can afford a daily CBD routine as long as they know how to shop for products in a way that ensures they end up with quality formulas that are not overpriced for no legitimate reason. The hemp industry is always evolving and expanding to deliver more effective doses of cannabinoids in ways that are accessible to all people who are interested in exploring the properties that the plant can offer.

Tip #1: Compare Prices

Before considering a particular product, do some comparison shopping. Look at what different companies charge for a 30ml 1000mg bottle of CBD oil, which is a product with such a basic formula that there is no reason to charge an unusual amount of money.  This will help you figure out which brands are selling at fair prices, and which are charging way more than necessary just to take advantage of customers who do not know any better.  You may be surprised by just how affordable high-quality hemp really can be.

Tip #2: Wait for Sales and Promotions

Most top hemp brands offer sales and promotions throughout the year, usually around certain holidays like Black Friday and Labor Day.  This is a time when you can grab several months’ worth of products at a great price in order to get the most out of those products that normally are out of your price range.

Tip #3: Join a Mailing List

A lot of companies that make CBD products have mailing lists that you can join, where you will get access to special promotions and discount codes that are exclusively offered to those who are signed up. This is a way for you to get the high-quality level of hemp that you are looking for while saving a nice amount of money.  Some of these codes and promotions last for long periods of time, so you can enjoy several months of lower-priced cannabidiol.

Tip #4: Follow a Company on Social Media

Another avenue through which companies will offer exclusive deals is social media. This is to entice customers to sign up to Instagram and other platforms, and stay informed on the new products the company is currently working on. So, if you’re a deal-searcher, you will want to find your favorite hemp brand on social media and follow their posts to get access to promotions that may not be accessible solely through the company’s website.

Tip #5: Opt for a Moderate Milligram Strength

Yes, a particular mistake that a lot of people make is going with the strongest milligram strength option available.  CBD products come in a variety of strengths, informing you on the potency level of each dose based on how much hemp is actually in the product compared to the other ingredients. The thing is that while higher milligram strengths will deliver more potent effects, not all of us need a super high potency level to reach our specific goals.  

Instead, opt for whatever the medium strength is regardless of the type of product you plan on purchasing.

Tip #6: Follow the Dosing Directions

Many people mistakenly take higher doses than necessary and end up going through their product faster.  The dosing instructions are based on the dose that most customers respond to and find success with, so these instructions will ensure you are likely to be satisfied with your routine.

Tip #8: Buy and Take as Needed

This goes without saying that if you buy too much, and you don’t use all the product before it expires, you basically are not going to get the full effects from the CBD product you chose to purchase. And, in return, you’re taking a loss. Vape oils, capsules, and tinctures are good for about 2 years, while edibles and most topical solutions last for anywhere from 3 months to a year depending on the ingredients used.

Also, many people seem to enjoy taking CBD daily, but no one said that you absolutely have to. You can save money by taking it on an as-needed basis, as this will stretch out your product supply and still allow you to enjoy all that cannabidiol has to offer.

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