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How To Get Started With CBD

CBD oil has been on the wellness scene for decades but only now is it getting noticed and used by the masses.

How to Get Started with CBD Oil from Natural Path Botanicals Organic CBD

The question most often asked is: How to get started with CBD? So, how does one get started adding CBD oil to a health regimen?

At Natural Path Botanicals, we are committed to telling you the truth about CBD and providing the highest quality, pure CBD oil at a fair price. You'll begin to notice extremely high-priced CBD products once you begin comparison shopping. 

While products do need to be priced to cover the family farmers tending to the hemp crops and the careful extraction of the pure oil in laboratories, the rest of the cost is simply lining the pockets of businessmen (usually men).

Our first advice: do. your. research. Find out how the product is grown, where it is grown, how it is manufactured and who owns it. You've heard it before, but you vote with your dollars, so choose wisely!

Now want to get started with CBD oil in your wellness practices. Wonderful. One of the more popular flavors from Natural Path Botanicals (which, by the way, is grown in the USA on family farms in Colorado using sustainable, organic practices and then carefully harvested and extracted in state-of-the-art regulatory labs and finely, priced fairly) is our line of citrus Focus CBD oil. 

The bright grapefruit flavor of our Natural Path Botanicals Focus CBD line is a welcome addition to any wellness routine. Specially-selected citrus terpenes were used to combine with our pure CBD oil for a calm yet energetic feeling.

In our opinion, one of the best ways to begin incorporating CBD oil into your wellness routine is with a routine like this:

  • Month 1: 1 mL dropper of 500 mg CBD oil Focus/Citrus
  • Month 2: 1 mL dropper of 1,000 mg CBD oil Focus/Citrus
  • Month 3: 1 mL dropper of 2,000 mg CBD oil Focus/Citrus

Working in this way, you can build upon your intent for increasing Focus in your life. This is true of whatever you set as your intention.


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