Does Your Body Get Used to CBD?

One has to wonder...does your  body eventually get used to CBD? And how does CBD work over time in the human body?

Does Your Body Get Used to CBD from Natural Path Botanicals

Consider there is an array of factors that show effectiveness in your body in terms of CBD and in terms of any other substance you welcome into your body--from food, air, medications, supplements and drinks. Every substance works differently in every different body.

Here are a few quick tips for learning if your body gets used to CBD and how 

Your Body Needs to Get Used to CBD

Finding the right amount of CBD to add to your wellness regime can be challenging at first. The right amount for you may be different from someone else. Everybody's system is unique to them so don't rely on merely anecdotal account when beginning with CBD. 
The best way to begin is: start slow. Start with a lower dose of CBD and gradually increase over time while tracking how you feel over time until you find what feels effective.

Tracking how you feel is key to gauging what is best for your body. Journaling everything from mood to bowel movements to pain to energy are all key to learning more about your body's connection to CBD. 

If you feel at some point that you have plateaued, this is interesting news. It can mean your body has built up a certain tolerance for CBD. This is often the case with supplements and drugs, too. So if you feel as though your CBD is not working like is used to, try fasting from the CBD for a few days so your system can reset and then enter into your routine again.

Time is Real, Silver Bullets Are Not

Upon first entering into a routine with CBD it may feel as though the money wasn't worth it. Give it time. CBD has to learn as much about your body as you do about it. 

Anything that promises immediate results is lying. CBD wellness is about building a strong, healthy foundation. Depending on how much damage has been done to the body, it may take time to realize change. 

CBD is a beautiful, natural way to complement the already amazing work of the human body. Nothing happens overnight, but instead it transforms over time. Be patient, and pay attention to your body.

CBD Delivery is Key

There are so many ways to include CBD in your healthy lifestyle. Almost too many!

  • tinctures (droppers of oil)
  • topicals (like salves and creams and lotions)
  • capsules/pills or suppositories
  • edibles (gummies and chocolate)

If you're trying one way of including CBD and it doesn't seem to be working for you, switch to another and watch what might happen. Know that some forms of delivery are not as good at getting CBD into your body. Like gummies, for instance. They have to be digested before you can even absorb the benefits. 

Tinctures under the tongue, however, get directly into your bloodstream and you're off and running with CBD wellness. Then of course there are topical ways to introduce CBD like lotions and salves. Those won't help with panic, but they could help with aching muscles.  

Getting CBD to work for your body really needs your undivided attention and patience. Time is your friend. Research. Learn. Know thyself. What is right for you may not be right for someone else. 

When asking if your body gets used to CBD, consider all the different factors going into how you are taking it, the dosage amount and the frequency.

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